The book about the Shout and the people from whom this tradition originated.

Songs Titles

Religion, So Sweet                                                  Lay Down Body

Read Em John                                                         Wade the Water

Adam and Eve                                                         I Want to be ike Weepin Mary

John on the Island                                                   Farewell Las

Blow Gabriel                                                           Hold the Baby

and more!!!

The cassette tape of Shout songs comes with an insert of the lyrics to each song.

CD of Shout songs contain an insert with the lyrics to all the songs. 

The Shouters also have bookmarks, refrigerator magnets and autographed photos available

(Samples below)

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L $14.00

XL, XXL $16.00



*Audiocassettes $14.95

*Compact Disc (CDs) $24.95

* NOTE: Audiocassettes and CDs come with inserts of lyrics to songs.




(Prices above include priority shipping and handling.)


Make check or money order payable to:

The McIntosh County Shouters

Send payment to:

The McIntosh County Shouters

c/o Carletha Sullivan

2126 Georgia Hwy 99

Townsend, Georgia 31331


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